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We create projects that push boundaries – stunning in design and
functionality. Our glass is ordered by the most demanding economic sectors in Poland and Europe.

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We are experienced in a professional production of glass products – from design to final product.
Our services include professional processing of glass and mirrors.
grinding, polishing, bavelling, sandblasting and varnishing. For years we have been working with customers from different industries, including marine, industrial and construction.



Colloquially called “ordinary glass”. Smooth and transparent, with a distinct greenish
tint on the ground edges. We use float glass most often as a
base for further processing. We also offer Optiwhite glass – that is,
a completely discolored glass with excellent transparency. This is the ideal glass for projects where
the absence of the barrier color of glass is required, such as for the manufacture of photovoltaic panels
where light transmission must be above 97%.



It is approximately 5 times more durable than ordinary glass.
Although tempered glass does not differ in appearance from Float or Optiwhite glass
(without treatment), it has different physical properties: it is resistant to rapid changes in temperature,
and in the event of breakage it breaks into thousands of indistinct pieces – that is why it is called
safety glass. Tempered glass is used, for glass walls and doors,
balustrades, glass stairs and floors, glass countertops and blunt-edged pieces, minimizing possible



Cooperation with industry leaders in diversified sectors of the economy makes it necessary
for our offer to be flexible. We are constantly making further improvements to our production management system
to be able to fulfill even the most unusual
production orders. Depending on the specific regulations, we produce glass that meets
the stringent standards of the industry. We produce specialized glass used in means of transport, maritime
or industrial sectors.


Buy machines that our professionals at PROGLAS use every day. Because what you work with matters.
Professional glass and mirror processing machines are the foundation of well-functioning machine park.
Buying from us means you are getting a branded product and practical experience – we work on them every day and we know how reliable they are. Are you looking for machines that guarantee safe work and precision workmanship with repeatable parts? Bet on proven solutions and new technologies. Push the limits.

Glass Straight Line Beveling Machine

This machine is mainly used for straight-line bevel cutting, bevel grinding and polishing for flat glass. The front and rear chain plates both adopt the reiforced sheet steel with strong rigidity, which provide stable conveyance and high processing precision. The adoption of the Stepless Speed Variable Mechanism for adjusting the conveyance speed offers a wide range of speed selection. Using advanced PLC controlling system to make it easy operated and with high automatization and strong function.

Major technical specifications

Major technical specifications:

Speed: 0.8-3n/min
Min.processed size: 100x100mn
Glass thickness: 3-12mm
Angle range: 3-20
Total power: 20KW
Weight: 3600kg
Overall size: 6800x1300x2600mm

Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

This machine is designed for grinding straight edges or 45°angles on flat glass of different sizes and thickness. The rough grinding.refined grinding, polishing and angle making can be completed in a procession. Using PLC advanced controlling system to make it with high automatization; itsuto-pneumatic polishing motor assure the smooth of processed surface. Its speed can be widely adjusted by its stepless regulator. Speed alteration is very smooth. In grinding operation, feeding and operationspeed can be adjusted atrandom. Front rails can be adjusted to fit varied thickness of processed glass. With an automation system for gripping, lubricant, steady voltage and its advanced structure, high precision, easy operation and high working efficiency, itis one of indispensable instruments for glass procession.

Major technical specifications

Major technical specifications:

Speed: 0,5-6m/min
Min. processed size: 100x100mm
Max. processed width: 3000mm
Glass thickness: 3-25mm
Max.arris grinding: 2,5mm
Max.hemline grinding: 3mm
Angle range: 45
Total power: 19.5KW
Weight: 3200kg
Overall size: 6700x1000x2500mm

Glass Drilling Machine

The Glass Drilling Machine fixes the glass pneumatically and drill with the upper and lower, double drill bits. The pneumatic working table for supporting large size glass is equipped with high efficiency and easy operation. It is one of the indispensable machine in modern glass industry. Drill Hole’s Diameter 4mm- 220mm.

Major technical specifications

Major technical specifications:

Drilling diameters: 4-200mm
Glass thickness: 3-20mm
Max. processed width: 2600x2400mm
Total power: 3KW
Weight: 1000kg
Overall size: 2600x2600x1700mm

Glass Washing Machine

This glass washing machine is a special multifunctional washing machine for flat glass cleaning. It can automatically clean and dry the glass or mirror within the thickness between 2 to 19mm. It adopts the Mechanical Stepless Speed Variable Mechanism to adjust the cleaning speed. And it is also equipped with 4 pairs of brush rollers and 3 pairs of sponge rollers hot air drying system. Glass in various sizes can be washed perfectly with its steady, reliable capability.

Major technical specifications

Major technical specifications:

Min. processed size: 100x100mm
Max. processed width: 1100mm
Glass thickness: 2-19mm
Total power: 9KW
Weight: 900kg
Overall size: 3300x1600x1020mm

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