Processing Of Glass

Processing Of Glass

PROGLASĀ R.Tkacz , M.Krawiec S.C. flat glass processing services offers high-quality digitally controlled devices.

We guarantee:

  • high quality
  • the precision and reproducibility of the shape
  • aesthetics satisfying user
  • safety
The scope of services under the glass processing:

Cut glass and mirrors is done automatically or manually.

Grinding and beveling of glass held grinders and beveling machine, as well as machining centers. In special cases, it requires manual processing, using a diamond blade or disc stone, and hand belt sander – for blunting the corners, chipping and beat, improving edge performance chamfers or preparation of forms for further processing.

Grinding of glass:


Glass milling:


Drilling holes in glass using two drill bits: the top and bottom. Place the hole drilling is determined when cutting glass or can be set manually.