Glass Construction
strength, transparency, workability
Tempered glass
laminated, tempered, bent, printed, frosted
Glass processing
precision and repeatability of performance
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Glass Construction

Permeable visible radiation (80-90%), has a high compressive strength, but little on the bending and stretching, it is fragile.

Tempered glass

Hardening glass consists of heating the glass. the softening temperature (temp. 630-640 ° c) and cooling it in a stream of compressed air.

Processing Of Glass

Proglas flat glass processing services offers high-quality digitally controlled devices. We guarantee high quality, precision and repeatability of shape.


Mirror, mirror-smooth surface reflecting light so the reflected image is created items located in front of the mirror. Also a tool with the surface and for bouncing the image.

Glass processing machines

Occupational safety, repeatability, precision components perform. It features brand-name machines for processing glass and mirrors.

Glass properties

The properties of the glass are dependent on how the cast and to a limited extent from the chemical composition.

Glass is a material with unique characteristics.

Has the increasing use in the construction industry, both as a decorative material as well as design. Combines several unique and important architectural features: transparency, strength, vulnerability handling and decorating.