About the company

P1320470PROGLAS R.Tkacz , M.Krawiec s.c. is a company founded in 2008 by the entrepreneurs, who established a network with the knowledge of the market and experience in the area of glass processing and sales.

We’re still growing the production company in charge of construction glass treatment: special and mirrors. Glass construction is characterized in terms of handling, durability, transparency. Special glass and can be laminated, tempered, bent, printed or mattfinished.

The company focuses on export sales, with a particular focus on the markets of Western Europe and Scandinavia. These are countries with very high quality requirements regarding the product, as well as the timeliness of delivery, packaging and communication provider-Customer Proglasu Clients are companies that are leaders in their industries for the European markets.

Satisfaction of our customers is the best recommendation for our products.

Innovative approach to issues related to processing of glass.  We undertake new challenges to realize the ideas of our customers.

PROGLAS R.Tkacz , M.Krawiec s.c.
ul. Petrażyckiego 3a
52-419 Wroclaw
NIP 894-29-39-247
REGON 020711441
tel. +48 694 441 077
tel. +48 604 995 636